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There are six things wrong with this slide

Here is another typical biomedical research slide. There is way too much information and a lot of abbreviations known only to the speaker. So let's analyze the problems in this slide.

The following numbers correspond to the slide pictured below.

1. The label for the vertical axis is unreadable. The audience will be twisting their necks to read and it is a long involved label. All labels should be displayed horizontally. Just because Excel pops out vertical axis labels doesn't mean you have to use them. Cover the area with a solid white block and then rewrite the horizontal axis, hopefully with simpler words. Remember, your spoken words can supplement a shortened title.

2. What are S and AS? Even if some in the audience know what these abbreviations are, you don't want them spending 20 seconds trying to remember and not listening to you (sense and anti-sense).

3. The horizontal axis could use a clean text label.

4. There is too much data on this slide. Pick one or two of the bar graphs and explain them. If you need to show all the data on this slide then you will need multiple slides.

5. Once you know which subsets of the above data you plan to show then you can create a simple title that conveys the point you want to make

6. The bar graphs are simply quantification of the blot data shown on the right. You don't need both. Remember a presentation is not a journal article, you can't prove everything in a presentation. You want to inspire the audience to read your journal article and examine your methods. They can see the raw data in the journal article. If you absolutely need to show both data sets then show the blot data on a separate slide.

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