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A presentation is not a "how to" manual

I can't tell you how many presentations I've seen where a speaker will describe a product (often a new web application) and then show multiple slides giving a detailed explanation of how to use the related website. Presentation slides are not a good way to tell the audience to "click" at the top vs. the bottom of a web page, or for that matter to walk through any type of detailed "how to" instructions.

A presentation might motivate your audience to go to you website, but it is not a good tool for teaching them how to use it. Use your time to inspire your audience about the product and get them to open the relevant webpage, but don't try to give them detailed user instructions. It simply doesn't work.

If your goal is really to teach people how to use your website, then be sure they bring their laptops to the meeting and have them "click" through things in an active mode. Give them a problem to negotiate rather than blathering on with slides.

I attend a lot of presentations where an administrator describes a new web tool (HR, finance, facilities management, that kind of thing). It's usually a 25 slide presentation with lots of detail about the associated website. They would be much better giving a 3 slide presentation, having the audience turn to the website, and then have the audience use the website to solve a hypothetical problem while the speaker can answer questions.

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